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  • April Griffin

The Wonders of Water

When I am feeling stressed my first inclination is towards submerging or soaking in water. Whether it is a bath, a swimming pool, a cold lake or the choppy waters of the ocean.

Apparently the human body is at least 60% made of water. As humans we can go without food for considerable of amount of time but without water we cannot last more than a few days.

Water is not only essential to our survivial but is deeply calming and therapeutic.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy(DBT) lists cold water as one of its first actions to counter distress and they teach participants to immerse their face in cold water or use ice packs to change the temperature of their body which in turn can have the effect of lessening emotional distress.

Just immersing oneself in water can do wonders by increasing feel good dopamine and decreasing stress hormones (cortisol).

I have a friend who lives by a lake and almost every day she jumps in despite the dipping temperatures and rarely regrets it. For some of us we are more inclined to jump in when we are with friends.

Regardless, if you are feeling low remember the power of water to decrease your stress and intense emotions!

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