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April entered the field of counselling out of a deep desire for healing for those she met who were hurting.  She wanted to know what could move people towards greater wholeness.  What she discovered was that the healing process can look different depending on both the person and the counsellor, their wounds, their way of learning and their way of connecting with others.

At Emotion Wise Counselling we draw from a variety of therapies and theoretical approaches in the counselling process including:

Accelerated Experiental Dynamic Psycotherapy (AEDP)

Cognitive Behavoural Therapy  (CBT)

Emotion Focused Therapy 

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Ingidenous Land-Based Approaches (ITFL)

Trauma-Informed Practice

Cognitive Processing Therapy(CPT) for PTSD

Motivational Interviewing

Trauma-Informed Arts Based Interventions

Mindfulness Practices

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)

Reach out today to discuss approaches that work for you!

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The Journey of Change

" The first step to embarking on a journey of change in your life is noticing the changes you have already made.  In noticing how you have succeeded you start to tell a new story about yourself.  In this story you are the central character- the hero--the one who overcomes-- and the road ahead with all its challenges begins to seem possible."

-April Griffin MSW RSW

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