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Eye Movement Densensitization and Reprocessing

EMDR is an evidence-based therapy that helps people heal from difficult life experiences through a phase based approach.    

EMDR is most widely known for the phase involving processing trauma through the use of eye movements or another form of bilateral stimulation (tapping, sound).  This helps the brain process information that has been stuck or stored in a way that still triggers trauma responses.  Processing helps the past memories become stored in more adaptive ways in a way that connects to both mind and body.

In working with Complex PTSD prior to reprocessing our therapists spend time working with clients to develop and identify coping skills for emotional regulation and relapse prevention for substance use, grow in adaptive ways of of seeing the world, increase trust between the therapist and client and also help understand and have compassion on the wounded parts of themselves, establish healthy boundaries and increase self-compassion.

April has been fully trained in EMDR through the Institute for Creative Mindfulness (

and continue in regular consultation to work with clients with complex PTSD.

For more information about EMDR:

To understand what an EMDR reprocessing session may look like:

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