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  • April Griffin

Find Freedom in Naming your Emotions

Emotions are powerful and can cause us to react in intense ways. Because of this many people are afraid of their emotions, try to ignore them, or label them good or... "bad emotions". Anger especially gets a bad rap.

Naming emotions has been proven scientifically to lessen the power of intense emotions.

By labelling our emotional experiences, acknowledging and reflecting on them we are less likely to react as intensely and quickly.

I find that amazing that the simple act of stopping to take our emotional temperature can be that powerful- this means accurately naming an emotion (eg. sadness, anger, joy, fear, disgust, shame, guilt, jealousy). Learning to name your emotions can give you freedom from your fears about how dangerous or bad they can be.

Dan Siegal coined the term "name it to tame it" which I teach all my clients in groups and 1-1 sessions. Here's a brief video where he shares how this works in our brains (in a way we can understand)

When you are able to name your emotions not only can you tame them but you can start to listen to what is the need behind that emotion and look for wise ways to meet that need.

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1 Comment

Oct 14, 2020

"Name it to tame it." I'm looking forward to more wise and practical catchphrases. Thanks for sharing. :)

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