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People come to Emotion Wise Counselling in all states of emotional pain knowing they will be met with non-judgemental warmth, collaboration, and an invitation to grow and heal.

We value building a positive relationship of trust with you and work to understand your strengths. We believe these are the most important ingredients needed as we work together for change.

Throughout the work together we aim to honour your values, beliefs, and culture as guideposts to build a deepened sense of identity, strength and community connection.

As our work is informed by research our therapists are trained in evidenced-based approaches including EMDR therapy and DBT-informed therapy.

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We are honoured to work with people who have experienced trauma, helping them to both understand and begin healing from the past. Those we work with include people who have had childhoods without the family presence or cultural connection they needed, whether they were adopted, in foster care, or experienced abuse, rejection, or lack of nurturing by their family. We work on self-understanding, increasing feelings of safety, emotional health, and remembering and mourning past trauma. We use variety of approaches including  evidence based approaches EMDR, AEDP, and CPT.


Struggling with low or intense moods can be overwhelming and can stop you from living the life you have hoped for. This is especially hard if you are caring for others in work or family life. Whether you are suffering from bipolar disorder, recurrent depression, anxiety or emotional regulation issues we are here to help you understand your feelings and thoughts and find ways to live your life with new awareness.


Our therapists have extensive experience working with people who experience substance use issues to help them understand and recover from their addictions.  Our experience is that most people who are struggling with substances have experienced some form of trauma and many have co-occurring mental health issues. We endeavour to address these issues while also working on strategies for reducing substance use. This work may include working on triggers, coping skills and resourcing you with supports from the community


Life transitions come in many shapes and forms including: grief and loss, relationship changes, health changes, geographical changes, and vocational issues.  We  aim to be compassionately present to you as you face unexpected changes and find a new way going forward.


April, our clinic founder has extensive experience and is passionate about offering groups. Our groups are supportive and use evidence-based practices and skills drawing from EMDR, CBT, DBT and Emotion-Focused therapies.  We run groups on the topics of: Trauma, Substance Use, Emotional Regulation (DBT), Grief, Depression, and Anxiety.  


April Griffin MSW RSW

a picture of April Griffin trauma therapist

I started Emotion Wise Counselling out of a passion to offer increased access to counselling for those who have experienced more than their fair share of adversity in life. It is my hope that through Emotion Wise Counselling people with complex trauma and mental health issues can experience transformation and growth.

I am passionate about finding research supported ways to help people heal from trauma and find effective tools for living life.  As such I am trained in EMDR, DBT and AEDP.

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