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People come to me in all states of emotional pain knowing they will be met with non-judgemental warmth, collaboration, and an invitation to grow and heal.

First and foremost I value building a positive relationship of trust with you and believe this is one of the most important ingredients needed as we work together for change.

My approach is to listen to discover the ways you have dealt with emotional ups and downs and understand how they worked for you. These strengths are the foundation to building new wise and practical ways of being and living which are an essential first step before processing past trauma.

In this process I aim to honour your values, beliefs, and culture as guideposts to build a deepened sense of identity and strength.  

I work with clients to develop a community of care and belonging outside of the counselling room; it is my experience that those who benefit most from counselling are those who are also open to engaging deeply with others outside of counselling for mutual support and friendship.

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I have been honoured to work with people who have experienced trauma, helping them to both understand and begin healing from the past. Those I work with include people who have had childhoods without the family presence or cultural connection they needed, whether they were adopted, in foster care, or experienced abuse, rejection, or lack of nurturing by their family. I work on self-understanding, increasing feelings of safety and emotional health, and remembering and mourning past trauma.I have been trained in a variety of approaches including  evidence based approaches EMDR, AEDP, and CPT.


Struggling with low or intense moods can be overwhelming and can stop you from living the life you have hoped for. This is especially hard if you are caring for others in work or family life. Whether you are suffering from bipolar disorder, recurrent depression, anxiety or emotional regulation issues I am here to help you understand your feelings and thoughts and find ways to live your life with new awareness.


I have worked extensively with people who experience substance use issues to help them understand and recover from their addictions.  I currently work in residential treatment centres and in a clinic with pregnant women and new moms. My experience is that most people who are struggling with substances have experienced some form of trauma and many have co-occuring mental health issues. I endeavour to address these issues while also working on strategies for reducing substance use. This work may include working on triggers, coping skills and resourcing you with supports from the community


For the last 12 years I have been passionate about offering groups in the community for mood and substance use issues.  My groups are supportive and use evidence-based practices and skills drawing from EMDR, CBT, DBT and Emotion-Focused therapies.  I run groups on the topics of: Trauma, Substance Use, Emotional Regulation, Grief, Depression, and Anxiety.  



April Griffin MSW RSW

My journey to becoming a counsellor started 19 years ago while providing foot care in the downtown Eastside; as residents soaked their feet in warm water I was privileged to listen and bear witness to their stories of pain and resilience.   

Since then I obtained a Master of Social Work from the University of British Columbia and I have spent the last 10 years in the public health system providing counselling for those who have experienced trauma, substance use, relationship issues, and a broad range of mental health issues.

In my own life- my transition to motherhood was marked by challenge and change.  Being a mother to three children has been one of the most profound learning experiences that has helped me grow as a counsellor and a person.

My greatest joys in life include spending quality time with friends, singing, swimming in lakes and oceans, biking, playing soccer, and Friday pizza night with the family.

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Vancouver, BC


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